10/29: After working on it for several days I have finally created a page for My Room! This is where I will locate my collections, shrines and other oddities. I have also made my first shrine ever, dedicated to my favorite video game series: Tomb Raider, go check it out!

10/24: I made a virtual pet on gifypets! click the sprite above or click here to visit the virtual pet page.

10/23: Added an Instant Photography and a Digital Photography gallery.

10/21: Finally added some art to the digital art gallery! I know the overall layout is still a little rough, I plan to streamline it a little in the future, but for now I'm happy to have more content on my website!

10/18: The gallery page is now semi-functional! I have included links for the graphic design subpage and the digital art subpage (still under construcion). You can go now and check out some of my graphic design work!

10/17: My site is finally coming together! I've already made an about page and a links page. I'm still learning about building websites so it will take me a while to figure everything out, but I'm having lots of fun doing it and I'm very happy with what I have achieved so far (which wouldn't have been possible without Sadness' amazing layout builder). I plan to start working on the gallery page this week and hopefully put up some of my art.