About me

A webcam picture of meMy name is Andrea, but you can call me Pupi (she/her).

I'm a graphic designer and artist from Santiago, Chile. I speak spanish and english and I failed in my attempt to learn korean. I decided to create this website as my own personal place in the cyberspace as I try to escape the suffocating atmosphere of the modern internet in the social media era. I'm still figuring out what to do with this site (and still figuring out html, for that matter) but I hope that I can use it as a medium for my creativity and self-expression and hopefully meet people from around the world who can relate to this and share the same interests.

I love all things retro and nostalgia, specifically web and tech-related stuff. I'm an enthusiast for the Y2K Aesthetic and I do Y2K-inspired graphic design and art, I also love collecting handheld devices from the 90s/2000s and I own a 2001 indigo iMac g3 (yeah that's important).

A drawing of my fursonaI'm a furry, my fursona is a small pink dog named Pupi who is basically... me as a dog. I sometimes do digital furry art which consists mostly of simple pinups of my fursona. I also sometimes draw my gf and my friends' characters; I hope to create more characters of my own and make more diverse art and maybe even create stories with them.

I'm not very good at talking about myself (or writing) so I don't have much else to say, but I'll probably be expanding on this section as I work on the site.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

My interests

  • Furry stuff! (art, comics, games, music)
  • Y2K-Aesthetic (and 90s/2000s consumer aesthetics in general)
  • Photography (digicams, instant)
  • LGBT Media
  • Cartoons
  • Webcomics
  • Videogames
  • Indie media

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